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VAN THEFTS ON THE INCREASE key cloning, key theft and more!

Mick McAloren @ April 27, 2015 11:07 am


Thatcham Quality Assured Insurance Accredited OBD Tracking System.

Protects the OBD – II Diagnostic Port

The system will alert you and the Secure Operating System should our protective system on your OBD (onboard diagnostic port) be removed or tampered with.

This will also result in the disabling of the OBD data port and/or immobilization of the vehicle.

Thieves have various techniques to fool the vehicle into unlocking the doors, giving thieves access to the vehicle, without them having to break windows or risk setting off the factory alarm system. Once they have gained access they will hack into your electronic security system and then program a blank key fob, they will then simply press the start button or use your ignition key or a cloned key and take your vehicle away.

Our system prevents this as it protects the OBD port and will alert you and the secure operating tracking centre.

Systems supplied and installed at your home or office.

Offering you peace of mind and security for your car, van or commercial vehicle.

Autosparx helping you stay in touch with your vehicle.

For more information and to see some demo videos on all our vehicle security range of alarms, immobilisers & tracking systems visit www.facebook.com/autosparxUK or email us via our website www.autosparx.co.uk


*Please click on the individual product for pricing details.
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