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Update.. Gravesend to Amritsar Challenge from Pakistan

Mick McAloren @ February 10, 2016 4:07 pm

Hi all, its Anita here from Mission Control.. this is a beautiful update from Jag direct from a military compound where they are safely spending the night tonight.... He wanted me to share this with you all as to the reason why they are doing what they are doing... Proud to be part of this Challenge, Team Autosparx and Scorpion Automotive working together to keep them safe and in touch via live tracking and fleet management...

One last everything. 

It's been 4 years. 
Since I saw you.

A knock on the window.
You walking in with your fast, busy walk.

Then a quick waddle back out, 
to say "bye" to your fellow work mates.
Then you came back in.
Shoes off, jacket hung up.

TV on.
A chill out before you bath up and go bed.
It was your final chill out. 
Your routine for 40 years. 
Done the same, one last time. 

Remembering our last conversation, 3 days before you went.
Would I have said anything different. No.
Would your answer, have been any different. No. 
Do I have any regrets? Yes.

One last hug.
One last hand shake. 
One last cheeky grin.
One last touch.
One last slap on my cheek.
One last angry look, to say you disapprove.
One last everything. 
Just one last everything. 

This drive is to remember you. 
And make sure, that others do get that chance to do that "One last everything".

Dad. Joga Singh Grewal. 
British Heart Foundation
Mending Broken Hearts
Gravesend To Amritsar

2 friends, One Landrover Discovery G4 Expedition, 8000+ miles of all terrain roads, 15 countries, and 14 indays to get from Gravesend to Amritsar, India...

Donate here… http://www.gravesendtoamritsar.com

Follow us live tracking here.. www.autosparx.co.uk

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