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Van Security, VW Transporter, M Sport Transit & Connect to name a few!!

Mick McAloren @ February 10, 2016 4:55 pm

Van Security is an absolute must on your pride and joy! 

Remote CDL is not good enough, deadlocks can be made a real mess of to get into your van by the determined thief.. Imagine your keys are stolen from your house, or while you are on site, your van gets stolen and driven off because you left it unlocked while unloading or loading for your next job?? Imagine waking up to find it gone or damaged doors, broken into and all your tools and laptop for instance, the tools of your trade or profession have been stolen.. imagine having to call your clients and postpone work as you cannot get there or do not have the tools to do the job.  Imagine having to find thousands of pounds to replace those tools you have had for years... imagine for one moment the inconvenience.

Yes your insurers should pay out and settle any claim but this all can take time.. how long can you afford to not work or be without your van or car for business??

We have many solutions, aftermarket security and tracking systems have never been so effective, visual deterrents as well as pagers, text alerts to your phone, sabotage alerts, anti hijack, interior protection for those vans with bulkheads where your interior sensors on the factory alarm will not work, the range is too poor. We can protect your investment and secure your asset.

Dont leave it to late.. speak to us today, we are THE Vehicle Security Specialists.. email anita@autosparx.co.uk or call 01634 724472.

Stay in touch with your vehicle with Autosparx.

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