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Top Tips on how to keep your vehicle secure!

Mick McAloren @ March 1, 2016 1:03 pm

Top tips to secure your asset!!


1 Always Lock your Vehicle


Seems a tad obvious but make sure you lock your vehicle even if you are just popping indoors, to a customer or a shop or fuel station!!


2. Close your Glove Box!  Don’t leave Documents, money, wallets, and paperwork on full view!


3. Take Portable Sat Navs etc. off your windscreen

Lock them away! Also top tip for sat Navs do not store your home address as home… try and store it just as something else otherwise if someone does steal your sat nav they know where you live!


4. Mobiles/Tablets/Laptops don’t leave them in full view or on the seat!


5. Do not ever leave your keys in your ignition unless you are fortunate enough to have super aftermarket security, which enables you to do so!


6. Audio – if you have a stereo with removable panel, take it with you.


7. Park safely – if you have a garage or driveway then superb but if not try and park under a streetlight or well lit area! If parking in a car park, try and park near the entrance/exit and in a well lit part of the car park.


8. Always be vigilant who is around, who may be following you, if in doubt call the police.


9. Locking Wheel Nuts – make sure you have these on your vehicle and more importantly make sure you have the locking nut when you go to have tyres changed!


10. Invest in Accredited Security and make sure its accredited by Thatcham, that’s the product and the installer needs to be bonfire legitimate recognised installation company!


Theft via keys is on the up, ensure you secure your vehicle with some absolutely state of the art aftermarket systems.


We offer many solutions, aftermarket security and tracking systems have never been so effective, visual deterrents as well as pagers, text alerts to your phone, sabotage alerts, anti hijack, interior protection for those vans with bulkheads where your interior sensors on the factory alarm will not work, the range is too poor, OBD Protectiion to overcome key theft.


Our capabilities to secure your asset are endless!

We can protect your investment and secure your asset.


Dont leave it to late.. speak to us today, we are THE Vehicle Security Specialists..


Email: anita@autosparx.co.uk or call 01634 724472.


Stay in touch with your vehicle with Autosparx.

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