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Case Studies of how we can help you secure your Fleet, your Van, Car, Motorhome, Motorbike or Campervan

Mick McAloren @ November 22, 2017 12:13 pm

Please visit our facebook page which is updated daily for more information/tips and videos  on Vehicle Security, Tracking, Fleet Management and bespoke solutions to ensure you are not a victim!!

Some examples of how we can help

Client A

Had a call from a member of the public to say the company vehicle had been involved in a collision, insurance companies were to be involved. Client A logged onto their fleet management system via their PC and ran a report on where that vehicle had been and times, speeds, location etc. Vehicle was nowhere near the collision site, it was apparent that the member of the public was trying to fraud the company. As its an insurance accredited product, the insurers took the report seriously and lawfully and the company had no further action taken against them.. Happy client with 80 vans and cars all tracked, monitored and duty of care to staff too. 

Client B

Had a member of staff who was new to the company, he was a sales rep, had to go out and do so many calls a week to gain new business. Director called member of staff in after the first week for a review of the week and the new member of staff said he had been and done a number of calls every day in different locations but had little success. Director asked him if he was sure he had been out in the company vehicle which he was paying for, so by costs to the company we mean, insured, fuel, duty of care manual etc. Sales rep insisted he had been out and about all week every day, Director had printed off start stop, fuel used, speeding, location reports for the whole working week and showed the rep he had indeed been at home all week and the only time the vehicle had moved was when it went to Bluewater one evening and had been parked there for some time. Rep was caught out, he had done no work at all that week, gross misconduct and no longer works for the company. Small family run business with 2 company vehicles so a small fleet but saved the Client a fortune by having proof from the Fleet Management that the rep had not been doing his job but still taking a wage. Happy client. 

Client C

VW Transporter, factory fitted remote locking and factory alarm, thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen from the rear of the vehicle one evening, alarm did not sound.. Why?? They had got passed the deadlocks, entered the van by the rear doors which did not have alarm triggers/door sensors, no interior sensor as the interior sensor in the front of the cab would not detect the movement in the rear as the van had ply lining and a bulkhead in the way and was fully stocked with machinery and tools. 

Solution… We installed a new Insurance Accredited Alarm system with ultrasonic sensors in the rear of the van, new door sensors, proximity sensor to alert if someone was near the vehicle, door and bonnet protection, high audible siren, text alert so if the client was working away from his van it would text him to let him know the alarm had been triggered and Automatic Driver recognition Cards to disarm/arm the security, if someone did steal his keys, say on site or from his home, if they did not have the ADR card (size of a credit card kept away from your keys!) the vehicle would not start. The system was a small price to pay and investment for his future.

Client D

Prestige car owner, thefts from organised criminals on the up, using gadgets to clone keys, bypass factory security systems and over ride them, resulting in Range Rovers, Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Bentley to name a few being stolen daily.

Solution: secured her vehicle with OBD Protection

Autosparx Vehicle Solutions helping you stay in touch with your vehicle.. 

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