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Smartrack Protector Pro vehicle tracking system. Fully fitted Smartrack Protector Pro tracking unit KENT
Fully fitted Smartrack Protector Pro tracking unit.
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Stolen Vehicle Recovery Only:This product has been designed and manufactured in the UK for SmarTrack and has passed full e-mark and Thatcham TQA208 status. It is ideal for all vehicles.
• Guard and Recover as standard
• GPS/GSM technologies for location and communication utilising internal aerials
• 24 Hour Secure Control Centre
• Thatcham Approved (Thatcham Quality Assured) CAT 6
• Transferable from vehicle to vehicle (by a SmarTrack approved engineer only)
• Motion sensor incorporated (you will be notified by telephone call if vehicle is moved without the ignition)
• Battery Disconnect Warning (you will be notified by telephone call if vehicle battery is disconnected)
• Low vehicle battery warning (you will be notified if vehicle battery runs low by text message)
• On board internal rechargeable battery back up
• 3 year manufacturers warranty
• Transferable (by SmarTrack approved engineer)
Optional extras: Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)Consists of 2 ADR tags for added protection against Key Theft
Pricing above includes installation:
£149.00 per year Inclusive of VAT (includes guard and recovery) or £399.00 for duration of ownership Inclusive of VAT (includes guard and recovery)
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